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DIgital Signage


Have you noticed digital signage in many large retail locations? Have you wondered if digital signage could be an advertising solution for your needs? We are here to tell you, YES!

The Case For Digital Signage

Technology is all around us, TV smart phones, tablets and the pc, are but a few examples. It has revolutionized the way organizations communicate with their clients and customers. Digital sign technology can replace the static limitations of traditional print, billboard or stationary sign advertising.


Why invest in digital signage?


1. Digital signs are more dynamic.

Advertisers can change images, customize graphics and text addAnimation….


2. Digital signs are more flexible.

Advertisers can combine multiple windows, tickers and updates more effectively.


3. Digital signs are not limited to billboard type advertising.

Advertisers can place digital signs in offices or outside their businesses to advertise hours of operation, promotions or a live feed to the weather forecast .


4. Digital signs are more cost effective.

Advertisers can change the content without replacing the sign.


5. Digital signs are more ecofriendly.

Advertisers can reduce their carbon foot print by reducing the use of wood and plastic products traditionally used in printed signage. When information is no longer relevant it does not go in the land fill or recycled, it is merely reprogramed with more client driven and current information.



When compared to print, digital signs are more dynamic in their content, more memorable in their presentation, more cost effective in the long term and a reusable investment.Contact us here at Media Magic to discuss how digital signage can fit your advertising budget. We will work with you and your staff to choose the right tools to develop and implement your digital sign and fill it with eye catching, memorable and current content.

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