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Your wedding video, designed by you!

The Groom's Preparations

We will arrive with one videographer prior to arriving at the Brides Preparations to film the groom and his groomsmen getting ready for the big day. We normally spend about 30 to 40 minutes with the group and get lots of candid footage of them getting ready and checking for holes in their pockets so the rings don't fall out! (we have not found a hole yet! )


The Brides Preparations

We will arrive at the location where the bride is getting ready about a hour and a half from the start of the ceremony. We normally spend about an hour or a little more with the bride and her bridesmaids. We take special care to get lots of detailed shots of the brides dress, jewellery, and flowers so that every little detail is recorded.


The Ceremony

We will arrive a half hour before your ceremony to set up and begin recording your friends and family arriving at the church. The groom will have a small microphone placed on his lapel. This will capture your special vows perfectly. We use two cameras during the ceremony in order to capture every magical moment. Your final video will include the entire ceremony, not just bits and pieces.


The Photosession

This is the part after your ceremony when you go to get your pictures done. This is where many of the beautiful shots for the trailer video come from. In addition to your photographer posing you we may also ask for a short session with the newlyweds to take some more stylized shots (time dependent).


The Reception

Here we will arrive up to a hour ahead of time to set up and begin the recording of the reception detail. Your cake, head table, gift table, general decor, and any special features (candy bar, photo booth, etc.) will be filmed. We will then continue by filming the grand entrance, all speeches, portions of kissing games, and the first formal dances.


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All price are listed witout tax. Travel outside the St. John's Metro area is subject to a $0.50/km fee plus potential overnight stay. Contact us for details. 

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